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Farmers Against Fracking Rally
Notice the placard and please ignore the spelling mistake - NAPTHINE HIDES REPORTS

This is in reference to the two most recent reports for Seismic and Subsidence that the Napthine Government refuses to release to the public.

Community Over Mining became aware of these reports last year commissioned because of the Morwell Freeway closure due to open cut coal mine slip and the earthquake last year.

Both reports are extremely relevant and important in consideration of any decision made for future mining expansion in the Gippsland area.

Currently, the coastal areas of Gippsland have significant land subsidence due to years of off-shore gas extraction and locally, due to the dewatering of Latrobe Valley's open cut mines.
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The release of these reports is now extremely important given the proposal to build a 3 billion rail and port link at Ninety Mile Beach the area where the land is sinking. 

The person who heads this is Dr John White. Read his interesting connection here 

This area is land sinking not how the Government want to twist it now being coastal inundation from sea level rising.
​Areas like Seaspray and Golden Beach (Ninety Mile Beach) are sitting on unstable fault lines with the ongoing pressure of further draw-downs on groundwater potentially leading to serious and disastrous consequences. 

But what is your Coalition Government doing about it. They are actually doing a lot. They are finding any and every way to hide the truth from the public and to absolve Government from any future responsibility. COM is currently reviewing documents to report on.

Background to land subsidence-

Federal Government sucked into disappearing Gippsland aquifer: now for more research

First 13 of 13 paragraphs shown The Federal Government has been dragged into the multi-million dollar problem of groundwater decline and land subsidence in Victoria's Gippsland region, after lobbying of Federal Cabinet members including local MP and Arts Minister Peter McGauran. An East Gippsland delegation told the ministers that towns and irrigation farmers along the Gippsland coast could be at risk unless urgent action was taken. Property values are already falling

Coal mining, offshore drilling sucks out up to 130,000ML a year:Gippsland's aquifer has been falling by about a metre a year since the 1960s. Research for the State Government says the main causes are:

• off-shore oil and gas drilling - taking an estimated 100,000ML a year from the aquifer;

• La Trobe Valley coal mining - taking an estimated 30,000ML a year; and

• irrigation farming – taking an estimated 5000ML a year.

Reinjection to cost $100 million to $500 million:Bill Bodman, from the Victorian Government's aquifer investigation, said re-injecting water into the aquifer was the only long-term solution, but would be expensive. Offshore re-injection could cost $500 million, while onshore measures would require damming local rivers and cost around $100 million.

AGSO to help Vic Govt:After meeting the local delegation last week, Federal Industry, Science and Resources Minister Nick Minichin announced that the Australian Geological Survey Organisation will work with the Victorian Government to refurbish bores and trigpoints (groundwater measuring points) in the basin. It will also help assess the extent and causes of the problem. Industry, Science and Resources Minister Senator Nick Minchin and Gippsland MP and Arts Minister Peter McGauran made the announcement after meeting the delegation, which also met with Agriculture Minister Warren Truss and a representative of Environment Minister Senator Robert Hill.................  http://www.erisk.net/erisk7/article/327404/federal_government_sucked_into_disappearing_gippsland_aquifer/

For the Government to have updated reports and not release them to the public, who have a right to this information, is Napthine and the Coalition at their most secretive. So much for Napthine's comment that they will be transparent > go to COM's article on IA - here

For the Government to even consider future gas expansion, let alone a rail port, in this area of Gippsland is extremely negligent and will cause the land to sink even further. Oh sorry, forgot, the land is not sinking, NO, the problem in Gippsland is the sea is rising!! 

Important message from John Wood of Blue Healers Fame and Gold Logie Winner to all the people at the rally today:
Sorry I can't be there today, but you have many friends who are equally concerned about this issue. People in the Hunter Valley and in New England NSW have expressed their deep fears of fracking to me on recent visits. Because there are no real facts!
On the evidence I've seen so far, fracking seems to be the geological equivalent of Russian Roulette. That's a gambling game that wagers greed against death.
Only a lunatic would allow anyone as rapacious as a mining or petroleum giant to hold a gun to their head without knowing if there is a bullet in the chamber or not.
And only the person who 'takes the money' will ever know. And that person won't be us . It will be the miners and Sate and Federal Governments with only dollar signs in their eyes and lack of courage in their hearts to guide them.
Cheers John x

Weak Governments and their Corporate Mates Suck the Wealth from Rural People!!