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EL 4416 - Ignite Energy Resources
​​Ignite Energy Resource's (IER) and their interest in Gippsland here as all their old information has been removed from their updated website.

  • ​'IER is dedicated to community consultation and is undertaking a range of community engagement activities and has information documents available for interested stakeholders. During coal seam gas exploration activity there will be regular communication with the community and a website, hotline, shop front and dedicated land and community representative based in Gippsland are being established as part of this program.' 

​> Independent Australia link Nov 2011- for further reading on owner of Ignite, Dr John White, an advocate of nuclear
energy and his plans for Australia.

'THE new body politic in Victoria has undergone a tectonic shift backwards in its increasing abandonment of its stewardship responsibilities to the natural world...
It seems dinosaurs still roam free in climate sceptic Liberal-land, and with it comes a return to the quarry vision of yesteryear.'

Their hasn't been anything as of March 2014 but they are already presenting their power points to VPELA and govt are kept in the loop as owner Dr John White is a protected big boy of the Liberal Party. See updates and new link story March 2014

This exploration licence was granted in 2001 for an area approx 3,700 sq km.  
It is an extensive licence in the Gippsland Basin of southeast Victoria that hosts a number of near-surface and deeper lignite (brown coal) deposits. According to an independent report by AMC Consultants, EL 4416 contains a JORC-compliant resource of around 16.4 billion tonnes of lignite, within three deposits: Gormondale, Gelliondale and Stradbroke. 
Gelliondale has a current retention licence application (Granted 2015)  

Ministers discretion allowed the licence to be so big. 
Now of course, the company still need more time to explore whilst holding this area of Gippsland to ransom. 

New Independent Australia story  Aug 2013 written by myself noting Dr John White again but this time getting a nice little bite. Apparently, govt don't want anyone to know who this man is and what he stands for. He is a former Liberal key-advisor and was allowed a massive exploration licence on some of the best land in Gippsland. 
I wonder what role he now plays and what his influence is.

This might be considered a good thing if it wasn't for the fact that this area is sinking because of 50 years of oil & gas extraction and the current Napthine Government refuse to release the most recent subsidence and seismic reports > go to Farmers Rally against unconventional gas about these reports and subsidence

  • Read all about his hey day in 2006 in links below - these are particularly good.

Dr John White, Government & Community Liaison

  • 'Dr White was the Chairman of Global Renewables and the CEO (and a Director) of a number of major private and publicly listed Australian companies, including Transfield Defence Systems, Visy Industries and Siddons Ramset Limited. John served as Chairman of the Australian Government's Uranium Industry Framework, was a member of the Australian Government's Defence Procurement Board and is a Director of the DefenceSA Board.'

The article describes him as having Liberal party connections. No-one can dispute this. Apart from heading up John Howard's Uranium Industry Framework, he also travelled with John Howard to Washington to help set up the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership.
The article doesn't mention Washington but Dr White's visit to Washington at the time John Howard was there is mentioned in Hansard.  
It comes from Senator Milne's speech to the Senate on 4th December, 2006 as follows:

Dr White went to Washington at the same time that Prime Minister Howard was there. He is the person who links all of these politicians. In an interview with an Australian journalist with regard to Australia setting up a nuclear waste dump to take high-level nuclear waste from around the world-in particular, from the US-this is what he had to say: Read the full article from link below.


  • "If we agree to do this for America, we will never again have to put young Australians in the line of fire. We will never have to prove our loyalty to the US by sending our soldiers to fight in their wars, because a project like this would settle the question of our loyalty once and for all." ..."Of course, the project he was talking about was the nuclear waste dump in Australia-a waste dump to be developed by an international consortium of nuclear experts, US think tanks and businessmen from around the world. It fed into the Prime Minister's nuclear task force and into the House of Representatives report on nuclear energy, which came out yesterday. The interesting thing is that Mr White, the chairman of the Prime Minister's uranium industry framework, has already spent $45 million developing an Australian nuclear fuel leasing company, which would facilitate and manage enrichment, fabrication, leasing, transport and storage of 15 to 20 per cent of the world's nuclear fuel needs. This person has a very grand vision for Australia as a global waste dump."

Dr White has powerful links to the Liberal party. As reported by Senator Milne and Julie Macken in her attached article, his company, the Nuclear Fuel Leasing Group, developed the Business Plan for Bush's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, signed by John Howard.

Read the following two articles (PDFs) from the Australian Financial Review June 2006 and August 2006

​The consequences of this is that there is potential for an area to be held on a RL for approx 30 years because these areas are sitting on a mother load be it gas, coal or mineral sands.

This is great for the mining industry but what does it mean for us who live in these areas and own this land? 
What control will we have over our own lands and our communities?
Where is our security, where are our rights?

Oh forgot!!!  We don't have any. Government took them all away.