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the maths doesn't lie.
About me

Community Over Mining website originally started in response to an 2011 exploration licence EL application over my township community of Toongabbie and surrounding district situated north of Latrobe Valley, Gippsland Australia. 
We were successful in forcing the company to remove coal bed methane from the licence application given the 2006 wildfires.
But, in my search for appropriate protective legislation it became blatantly obvious that the processes, information access, crossover of jurisdiction and lack of clear legislative and regularly reform were totally inadequate to accommodate the potential or real possibility for mining expansion.

I am unaligned but work with many like minded groups to expose the facts.

The laws that regulate petroleum extraction & mining in Victoria are not safe.
They fail to protect or respect regional communities, fail to protect key natural resources like 
groundwater and agricultural land, and treat the environment as an afterthought.
The suggestion that Victoria has stringent environmental laws, that leave us with nothing to worry about from onshore gas, is a furphy.
My major issues of concern: 
  • Poor regulatory frameworks and ability to ensure mining industry compliance and enforcement of breaches 
  • Existing food production and protecting land for future food security 
  • Ensure sustainable water use and maintenance of ground water integrity and healthy river systems
  • Degrading of existing and planned tourism infrastructure
  • Poor interaction with local councils on impacts to roads/bridge infrastructure and associated cost burdens
  • Decline of property values
  • Health implications

I campaign on
  • poor planning decisions and lack of government transparency.
  • lack of community consultation and accountability with industry and government.
  • inadequate government policy (state and federal level) to protect our water resources to sustain food security.

I campaign against
  • Onshore gas expansion
  • Coal mining expansion
  • PFAS contamination
  • Carbon Capture & Storage