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About Us

Community Over Mining originally started in response to an exploration licence EL application in November 2011 over the Toongabbie and surrounding area situated north of Traralgon, in Latrobe Valley. We successfully challenged DPI in the objection stage on why CSG should be removed given the wildfires that this area encounted in 2006/07. After a three month wait, the parent company, Lakes Oil, removed Coal Bed Methane from its application which allowed the company to obtain an  EL for coal resources and mineral sands.
But, in the battle for knowledge, it became blatantly obvious that the processes, information access, crossover of jurisdiction and lack of clear legislative and regularly reform were totally inadequate to accommodate the potential or real possibility for mining expansion.

This website forms part of our new direction and in support of the many other regions of Victoria 
this alliance of grassroots Victorian communities has united for mining reform to preserve the ongoing prosperity and health of our regions and their future sustainability. Our communities and landholders are feeling dis-empowered and uncertain about the future of our properties, investments and livelihoods as exploration is rapidly expanding for:
coal seam gas
coal  - Earth Resources link
tight gas 
mineral sands, gold and more

The laws that regulate coal and coal seam gas extraction in Victoria are not safe.
They fail to protect or respect regional communities, fail to protect key natural resources like 
groundwater and agricultural land, and treat the environment as an afterthought.
The suggestion that Victoria has stringent environmental laws, that leave us with nothing to worry about from coal and coal seam gas, is a furphy.

comment Environmental Justice Australia

Why the move to forming an alliance:
to share resources and provide a greater voice in sending a message to our government and industry about social responsibility by improving the guidelines and frameworks to ensure transparency and consultation between Earth Resources as the regulator, Industry as the applicant and community as the owner/occupier. 

Our major issues of concern: 
  • Poor regulatory frameworks and ability to ensure mining industry compliance and enforcement of breaches 
  • Existing food production and protecting land for future food security 
  • Ensure sustainable water use and maintenance of ground water integrity and healthy river systems
  • Degrading of existing and planned tourism infrastructure
  • Poor interaction with local councils on impacts to roads/bridge infrastructure and associated cost burdens
  • Decline of property values
  • Health implications

Our campaign
We wish to address:
  • lack of planning and government transparency
  • lack of community consultation with industry and government
  • contradiction of government to protect and diversify agriculture, tourism and environmental project

Why we urgently need mining reform:
Our communities all have a common theme, that is: we live, invest and represent our regions for the ongoing future prosperity of well-connected communities providing great diversification to our economy.
Unfortunately, we also now have a common threat to our livelihoods and that threat is mining.
If we do not act now, the virtues of regional living with its natural assets, culture, sport & recreation, food & wine will be greatly impacted upon. Open cut and other mining techniques, along with health and climate implications of fossil fuel extraction will, unfortunately, degrade these precious landscapes and places.

To the State Government

We the community, want Government to provide a master plan for onshore gas expansion into populated areas of Victoria to ensure the future viability of agribusiness, tourism and community health for our present and future generations. 

We, the community, expect that our elected representatives from all levels of government do what they are legislated to do, that is, ensure there is integrity within government and that industry are not allowed to act outside of the law because WE WILL hold you to account.

We also request that all relevant bio-regional environmental reports be released to the community to prevent known significant environmental effects being further impacted by mining developments and ensure transparency by responsible authority.

We demand that any company found non-compliant under licence conditions have breaches enforced to protect worker safety, public health and the environment.

We request that Government present to regional Victoria their blueprint which outlines: 
  • loss of arable land impacts on agribusiness
  • safety and liveability of our regional communities through effective management and scrutiny 
  • economic justification of mining development vs a decreasing social capital
  • infrastructure cost burdens to ratepayers 
  • proposed transit routes for heavy vehicle
  • impacts of retention licences on landowners
  • how recent and proposed legislation changes to the MRSD and Planning & Environment Acts will balance conflicting interests in favour of net community benefit and sustainable development
  • improved regulation frameworks for the Petroleum Act in view of Tight gas expansion.