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Community consultations will begin in June with the Department of State Development and Business Innovation (DSDBI) to workshop and seek input from interested stakeholders and potentially affected landowners and communities.

Please take this opportunity to become more informed and  involved.

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Yallourn Open Cut Coal Mine
As the wind blew fiercely on Thursday 31 July did Victoria's chief health office, Rosemary Lester, consider informing people downwind of the three Latrobe Valley open cut coal mines that, maybe, they should consider shutting their windows and staying indoors to prevent those at risk from being impacted by toxic dust particles. 

This request has been passed on to EPA


Lets revisit the nuclear discussion and where it sits in Gippsland
See new article by COM's favourite investigative journalist and connection with Ignite EL4968
March 12, 2014
'The Liberal Party's nuclear dreams: The strange case of Dr John White and Ignite' 
Why Victoria should be worried. The Feds are about to delegate environmental power to the States including Nuclear. The Napthine Government can't even manage a coal mine so how the hell can they manage nuclear.

Morwell Mine Fire disaster – 
An act of willful neglect by the Coalition Government
March 11, 2014  
How can a modern age Government in a first world country have a third world mentality and treat their communities with such disregard.

Agriculture worth over mining - the hyprocrisy of the National Party philosophy 
Why won't the Nationals exempt the Macalister Irrigation District from onshore gas development
​February 11, 2014
CSG Free Maffra and Districts group are campaigning farmers to take action by writing to MP's requesting that the Mining Minister exempt Gippsland's most prime agriculture area from mining development. Will the Coalition Government listen?

New Gippsland Open Cut Mine proposed
Will Ignite Energy (close friend of the Liberals) be given preferential treatment to develop an open cut mine without due regard to its geographical instability.
​December 8, 2013
Gelliondale Resources Limited (a subsidiary of Ignite) have applied for a Retention Licence to mine coal in South Gippsland yet this area is unstable because of past and ongoing offshore oil and gas extraction and an increase in seismic activity. But Ignite don't care. They just want the resource to sell off overseas and happy to leave another Gippsland coastal town in ruins. This story connects with the three below for subsidencenuclear (Ignite) and bio regional assessments (if the IES committee does its job properply, this area of Gippsland should never be touched because the taxpayer is already paying big monies for the existing environmental legacy let alone for the future). 

To the State and Federal Coalition Governments – why are you hiding the issue of land subsidence in Gippsland from the people.

While Gippsland landowners suffer ongoing land subsidence caused by years of off-shore oil & gas extraction and dewatering from Latrobe Valley coal mines, our Coalition Governments are busy scheming to make it worse. You will be able to read more to show why you should be concerned about Governments irresponsible plans to expand the resource industry even more.

“Is the Wonthaggi desalination plant set up for nuclear power?”
September 6, 2013
Is there a connection between certain public documents, a proposed Gippsland transport route for coal and Ignite Energy Resources?  
Can we anticipate NUCLEAR = Gippsland! 

What is govt not doing
What is the Independent Expert Scientific Committee IESC up to – not much!
September 6, 2013
Apparently, we have no significant risks in Victoria that warrant a referral to the IESC committee for onshore CSG development or large coal mine develoment. Under the headings of ecology, hydrology and geology seemingly all is just peachy and ripe for the picking! Does this mean someone is not doing their job properly or maybe they are deliberately wanting these issues to stay under the radar.

​If the water is removed from the coal seams as planned over such a vast area of 
Queensland we are going to see uncontrollable volumes of gas leak from 
open mineral exploration test holes and we will also witness the depletion 
of many of our aquifers via these holes.

This will be without a doubt the greatest environmental disaster ever on inland 
- See story here